Low Cost Las Vegas Airport Parking

Las Vegas Airport is an important international airport serving the city of Las Vegas, in the United States of America. The airport is also commonly referred to as the McCarran International Airport, a name in honour of Pat McCarran, a former Nevada Senator, and has the airport code of LAS. It is served by a large number of airline carriers, and is a hub facility for Great Lakes Airlines. Las Vegas Airport parking is available for all passengers and visitors of the airport, at both of the airport terminal buildings. There are short-term and long-term parking options, an airport economy parking lot and valet parking is available as well in certain areas.

Las Vegas Airport is located approximately 5 miles from downtown Las Vegas, and is accessible off the Interstate-15. It is in the area of Paradise, Las Vegas, a city in the state of Nevada. The roads leading to the airport include Tropicana Avenue, Russell Road and Paradise Road, and the physical address of the airport is at 5757 Wayne Newton Boulevard, Las Vegas. The airport consists of two terminal buildings, referred to as Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, and there are separate parking facilities for both terminals. Some of the parking areas are within walking distance of the check-in counters, while others require the use of a shuttle bus for transportation. The airport parking areas are colour-coded for the convenience of motorists, and on each level of the parking garage of Terminal 1 (which is the larger of the terminals) there are Parking Reminder Cards available, to help passengers remember where they have parked their vehicle. Each level of the parking garage is named after one of the Las Vegas’ world-famous hotel resorts.

Las Vegas Airport Parking – Short-term and Valet Parking

Motorists who would simply like to drop off departing passengers may due so at the curb-side of the terminal building, in front of the check-in hall of Terminal 1. Passengers may also be dropped off in front of Terminal 2. These areas of ‘parking’ are not intended for use of more than a minute or two, only whilst passengers exit the vehicle and retrieve their baggage items. The driver should remain behind the wheel of the vehicle, and should not switch off the engine. Vehicles left unattended in front of the terminals will be towed at the expense of the owner. The passenger drop off area is indicated by signs that read ‘Departing flights’, and is accessed by exiting to the right off Paradise road (after going under the bridge). Follow the roadway and keep right for the ‘departing flights’ lanes. Passengers of Terminal 2, from where the majority of the airport’s international and charter flights depart, will follow signs reading ‘Terminal 2’. On Paradise Road follow the signs for ‘all terminals’, then look out for the ‘Terminal 2’ sign. Exit to the left and turn right towards Terminal 2. There will be a four-way stop sign where motorists should turn left.

Short-term parking at Terminal 1, Las Vegas Airport, is indicated by red signs, and is intended for parking stays of three hours or less. The short-term car park is in the parking garage of the airport on Level 2M. This area has a height clearance of 7`0". The first ten minutes of parking on Level 2M is free of charge, provided motorists do not go to the walk-up pay station. They should rather drive straight to the exit lane and insert their ticket for free exit. 16 – 60 minutes of parking will cost $2.00, an hour to two hours will cost $4.00 and two hours to three hours of parking will cost $6.00. Each additional hour of parking will cost $3.00 and the daily maximum for the short-term car park is $36.00. To reach the parking garage of Terminal 1 motorists should stay in the right-lane of Paradise Road, go under the bridge then turn right following signs for all terminals and airport parking. Follow the red triangles on the overhead signs for short-term parking.

Further short-term parking spaces can be found for Terminal 1 by following the yellow triangles. This is also the area from where passengers on arrival flights can be picked up. The passenger pick up area is located across the pedestrian bridge from the baggage claim area, and may be used when the passenger is already waiting at curb-side. Motorists who need to park and wait for passengers should use the short-term parking areas.

Valet parking is available at the Terminal 1 Parking Garage and will cost $21.00 per day. The service is managed by the company Five Star Valet, and is found on Level 2 of the parking garage in the short-term parking area. The red triangles should therefore be followed. Further information is available at (702)261-6999.

Las Vegas Airport Parking – Long-term and Economy Parking Lots

Long-term parking at Las Vegas Airport is indicated by green signs, and is available on Levels 1M, 2M, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the public parking garage of Terminal 1. The first hour of parking will cost $3.00, and each hour thereafter will cost $1.00. The daily maximum charged for long-term parking is $14.00. Passengers may stay for thirty days or less in any of the airport parking lots without making any prior arrangements, however, permission will be required for stays of a longer duration. When the airport is busy, the Long-term levels of the parking garage are often full, and then motorists will need to park in the Economy Car Park, found on Russell Road at 576 Kitty Hawk Way. It is a new parking area, convenient for airport customers who prefer to pay less for parking, as each day of parking will only cost $8.00. A free shuttle bus runs between the Economy Parking Lot and Terminals 1 and 2 every ten to fifteen minutes.

The parking area of Terminal 2 can be used for short-term or long-term stays and it has 270 parking spaces. It is conveniently located nearby the terminal, and has low parking rates. Only $8.00 per day, or $3.00 for up to an hour of parking and an additional $1.00 for each following hour. The parking lot is on the left hand side of the road approaching the terminal building.

Las Vegas Airport also provides reserved parking spaces for disabled passengers in all of the airport car parks. Further details regarding Las Vegas Airport parking is available at (702)261-5121.