Las Vegas Airport Taxis (LAS)

Las Vegas Airport handles over 38 million passengers per annum, and is the largest air gateway to Las Vegas, Nevada. This American airport is also rated as the twenty-second busiest in the world for passenger traffic, and the ninth busiest in terms of aircraft movements. It is also named as the McCarran International Airport, in honour of a former Nevada Senator, Pat McCarran. Las Vegas Airport taxis and limousines are available for the transport of passengers to and from the airport, and are a convenient and comfortable way to travel to any of the city’s hotels and casinos. Local buses are another way to travel to various locations, however, many passengers prefer the airport taxi services.

The airport of Las Vegas has two large terminal buildings, known as Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, from where all airport flights are currently handled. Terminal 1 is the larger of the two, with over 80 gates and four concourses. The Concourses C and D are connected to the centralized check-in and baggage reclaim areas by people movers. The majority of the airport flights operate from Terminal 1, but international flights are handled from Terminal 2, an eight gate terminal. Charter flights also arrive at Terminal 2. The airport will soon have a new terminal, Terminal 3, which will offer state-of-the-art facilities, and a larger area for international passenger movements than Terminal 2. The new building should be completed and operational in this year (2012). Passengers arriving at Las Vegas Airport will find taking a taxi to their next destination to be most convenient, and should have no trouble locating the airport taxi stands.

The Las Vegas Airport taxis can be found on the east side of the baggage reclaim area, nearby the door exits 1 – 4. Taxis are generally always available at the airport, therefore a reservation will not be required, however, passengers are welcome to contact their taxi company to confirm that a vehicle will be available. It is also sometimes recommended for passengers arriving on early morning flights to reserve a taxi. When a special vehicle is required, for example, one that is able to accommodate a wheelchair-bound passenger, a reservation is advantageous as well. However, under normal circumstances, passengers of Las Vegas Airport will easily find a taxi for transport to the city.

A number of taxi companies operate at Las Vegas Airport. There is not only one company that is an official Las Vegas Airport taxi service. The taxi companies and their contact numbers are as follows: ANLV/Ace/Union/Vegas-Western/Virgin Valley (702)888-488, Checker/Yellow/Star (702)873-2000Western Cab Company (702)736-8000, Desert Cab Company (702)386-9102, Whittlesea/Henderson (702)384-6111, Lucky Cab Company (702)477-7555, Deluxe Taxicab Service (702)568-7700, Nellis Cab Company (702)248-1111.

Las Vegas Airport is located just 5 miles, or 8km from downtown Las Vegas, in the area of Paradise in Clark County. The airport is also very nearby Spring Valley, Winchester and Henderson. Since that the airport is so nearby to city areas, a taxi is quite affordable, unlike from certain American airports that are located many miles from the city it serves. Taxi passengers are, however, advised to discuss the journey with their driver before leaving the airport, and find out the approximate charges involved. The taxi drivers are usually considered as friendly and helpful, and quite willing to explain how the taxi fares are charged. The majority of taxis in the United States, and in Las Vegas, have a meter that records the distance travelled. The fare for the journey is then calculated accordingly. Keep in mind, however, that there could be additional charges over and above the metered rate, for example, the $1.80 surcharge for all journeys commencing from Las Vegas Airport. Taxis may also charge for luggage loaded. For additional help, there are airport staff members at the curb-side of the taxi area. It is recommended to inform an airport assistant if you require a taxi that will accept payment by credit card, as not all taxis will accept credit card payments.

The maximum number of passengers allowed in a single taxi is five, and this number includes infants and children. If a larger vehicle is required, it may be better to contact a company that offers shuttle services from the airport, for example, Bell Trans, AMG Ambassador/Ritz, CLS, Executive Las Vegas and Showtime. These companies also offer airport sedan services and limousine services that are available with no reservations. The majority of these shuttle and limousine services are found on the west side of baggage reclaim, outside the exit doors 7 – 13.

Las Vegas Airport taxis are also available at the airport’s Car Rental Centre, found at 7135 Gilespie Street. The Car Rental Centre is about three miles from the passenger terminals, but is permanently linked by free airport shuttle services. The buses are available approximately every five minutes from outside Doors 10 or 11.

The airport can be contacted for further details regarding the Las Vegas Airport taxi services, at 702-261-5211, or passengers may contact their taxi company directly to receive an estimated price for their journey.