Buses to and from Phoenix Airport (PHX)

More than 40.5 million passengers frequent the airport in any one year and onward public transport options are plentiful, even though the airport is still undergoing expansion work and better infrastructure is being put in place.

Buses from Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport take passengers to the METRO light rail service at Washington at 44th Street Station. Passengers can take a free shuttle bus service to this station directly from outside the three airport terminals. The free airport shuttle runs every 15 to 20 minutes. Buses from routes Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport run via lines 1, 3, 13 and 44 to the metro light rail station. From 2013 onwards the SkyTrain will take over this particular route. Passengers have direct access to the cities of Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa via the metro light railway services.

Phoenix Airport city buses link to Phoenix itself via bus routes 1, 3 and 44. The PHX airport shuttle transports passengers from the terminals to these city bus stops. A number of long-distance bus lines and Arizona-wide shuttle services link the airport with Anthem, Apache Junction, Camp Verde, Cottonwood, Florence, Globe and Morristown among other Arizona destinations.

Ace-Xpress, Red Rock Transportation and Sedona Phoenix Shuttle connect Camp Verde and Cottonwood with Phoenix Airport. Coach services via Arizona Shuttle, Euro Way Transportation and Red Rock Transportation connect the city of Flagstaff with Phoenix Sky Harbour Airport, while the 5 Star Express, Central Arizona Transport and Shuttle services link Arizona City with Phoenix Sky Harbour Airport.

Travelling via long distance coach or bus service is comparatively cheap in the US and many people are able to cover large distances thanks to the many cheap bus and coach services that link the major cities. The State of Arizona has many tourist attractions to offer, from spectacular zoos like Phoenix Zoo to the many Western and Ghost Town themed parks and trails that show visitors what life as a frontier settler was really like. Digging for gold, joining a real cattle trail, lassoing calves and learning how to ride a horse are all part of the experience – as are genuine saloons with traditional cuisine and American beer.

In each city is worth enquiring at the main tourist office, if a city card or pass is available. Typically, these city passes can be purchased for either individual travellers or families and the pass will cover either 24, 48 or 72 hours of sightseeing. Within a city many attractions are either free or can be visited at a much reduced entrance fee, while public transport such as city buses from Phoenix Sky Harbour Airport as well as public transport within the city of Phoenix will be covered by this convenient pass. From Phoenix city centre bus line 13 travels directly to Phoenix Sky Harbour Airport. Why pay more, when reduced travel, discounted restaurants and admission to museums can be part of the holiday experience?

For further information about Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport buses, please visit the official website at http://skyharbor.com