Phoenix Live Flight Arrivals

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Origin Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est. Status
Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN5149 10:30 10:34 Landed
Tucson (TUS) SkyWest Airlines OO2990expand_more(2) 10:31 10:50 Landed Late
Tucson (TUS) Alaska Airlines AS4664 10:31 10:50 Landed Late
Tucson (TUS) American Airlines AA2990 10:31 10:50 Landed Late
Spokane (GEG) Southwest Airlines WN6221 10:35 10:29 Landed
Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2354expand_more(1) 10:37 10:23 Landed
Atlanta (ATL) KLM KL7670 10:37 10:23 Landed
Chicago (ORD) Frontier Airlines F91427expand_more(1) 10:37 10:45 Landed
Chicago (ORD) Volaris Y42148 10:37 10:45 Landed
Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA667expand_more(1) 10:41 10:53 Landed
Chicago (ORD) Air Canada AC4607 10:41 10:53 Landed
Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA520 10:45 10:42 Landed
Tampa (TPA) Southwest Airlines WN4663 10:45 10:44 Landed
Yuma (YUM) SkyWest Airlines OO2955expand_more(2) 10:45 10:46 Landed
Yuma (YUM) Alaska Airlines AS4160 10:45 10:46 Landed
Yuma (YUM) American Airlines AA2955 10:45 10:46 Landed
Los Angeles (LAX) SkyWest Airlines OO5411expand_more(4) 10:46 10:36 Landed
Los Angeles (LAX) Air Canada AC4089 10:46 10:36 Landed
Los Angeles (LAX) Air New Zealand NZ9712 10:46 10:36 Landed
Los Angeles (LAX) Avianca AV2138 10:46 10:36 Landed
Los Angeles (LAX) United Airlines UA5411 10:46 10:36 Landed
Los Angeles (LAX) Compass Airlines CP5743expand_more(5) 10:47 10:29 Landed
Los Angeles (LAX) China Airlines CI9871 10:47 10:29 Landed
Los Angeles (LAX) Delta Air Lines DL5743 10:47 10:29 Landed
Los Angeles (LAX) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS4133 10:47 10:29 Landed
Los Angeles (LAX) Virgin Australia VA6817 10:47 10:29 Landed
Los Angeles (LAX) WestJet WS7833 10:47 10:29 Landed
Show Low (SOW) Boutique Air 4B813 10:50 10:42 Landed
Silver City (SVC) Advanced Air AN200 10:54 10:54 Landed
Los Angeles (LAX) Southwest Airlines WN4148 10:55 11:00 Landed
San Francisco (SFO) United Airlines UA528expand_more(2) 10:55 10:44 Landed
San Francisco (SFO) Air Canada AC5296 10:55 10:44 Landed
San Francisco (SFO) Air New Zealand NZ9372 10:55 10:44 Landed
Edmonton (YEG) WestJet WS1532 11:08 11:06 Landed
Las Vegas (LAS) Sun Country Airlines SY138 11:10 11:07 Landed
Burbank (BUR) Mesa Airlines YV5855expand_more(1) 11:20 11:09 En-Route
Burbank (BUR) American Airlines AA5855 11:20 11:09 En-Route
Kansas City (MCI) Southwest Airlines WN3898 11:20 11:55 Departed Late
Ontario (ONT) Southwest Airlines WN5033 11:20 11:08 En-Route
New York (JFK) American Airlines AA250expand_more(1) 11:27 11:34 En-Route
New York (JFK) Finnair AY4092 11:27 11:34 En-Route
Seattle (SEA) Delta Air Lines DL2677 11:27 11:12 En-Route
Montreal (YUL) Air Canada Rouge RV1890expand_more(1) 11:27 12:12 Departed Late
Montreal (YUL) Air Canada AC1890 11:27 12:12 Departed Late
Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA1895expand_more(1) 11:30 11:16 En-Route
Houston (IAH) Air New Zealand NZ6870 11:30 11:16 En-Route
Oklahoma City (OKC) Southwest Airlines WN3332 11:30 11:38 En-Route
Santa Ana (SNA) Southwest Airlines WN6358 11:30 11:10 En-Route
Las Vegas (LAS) Frontier Airlines F92150expand_more(1) 11:34 11:53 Departed Late
Las Vegas (LAS) Volaris Y42231 11:34 11:53 Departed Late
Austin (AUS) Southwest Airlines WN3968 11:35 11:30 En-Route
San Diego (SAN) Southwest Airlines WN1504 11:35 11:15 En-Route
Louisville (SDF) Southwest Airlines WN2846 11:35 11:45 En-Route
Seattle (SEA) Alaska Airlines AS926 11:35 11:21 En-Route
Denver (DEN) United Airlines UA2273expand_more(1) 11:36 11:39 En-Route
Denver (DEN) Air Canada AC5125 11:36 11:39 En-Route
Chicago (ORD) American Airlines AA876 11:38 11:32 En-Route
Omaha (OMA) Southwest Airlines WN5884 11:40 12:05 En-Route
Pittsburgh (PIT) Southwest Airlines WN4055 11:40 11:59 En-Route
San Antonio (SAT) Southwest Airlines WN4140 11:40 Delayed
Minneapolis (MSP) Delta Air Lines DL1874expand_more(1) 11:44 11:53 En-Route
Minneapolis (MSP) WestJet WS6784 11:44 11:53 En-Route
Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada Rouge RV1837expand_more(2) 11:44 12:45 Departed Late
Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada AC1837 11:44 12:45 Departed Late
Toronto (YYZ) United Airlines UA8576 11:44 12:45 Departed Late
Albuquerque (ABQ) Southwest Airlines WN4903 11:45 11:55 En-Route
Dallas (DAL) Southwest Airlines WN3747 11:45 11:49 En-Route
Houston (HOU) Southwest Airlines WN893 11:45 11:40 En-Route
Indianapolis (IND) Southwest Airlines WN5710 11:45 12:20 En-Route
Sacramento (SMF) Southwest Airlines WN3474 11:50 11:40 En-Route
New York (JFK) Delta Air Lines DL2154expand_more(3) 12:00 12:04 En-Route
New York (JFK) Alitalia AZ3264 12:00 12:04 En-Route
New York (JFK) Kenya Airways KQ7021 12:00 12:04 En-Route
New York (JFK) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS4751 12:00 12:04 En-Route
Tulsa (TUL) Southwest Airlines WN4692 12:00 11:55 En-Route
Colorado Springs (COS) Frontier Airlines F92823expand_more(1) 12:01 12:37 Departed Late
Colorado Springs (COS) Volaris Y42436 12:01 12:37 Departed Late
Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines WN5535 12:05 12:05 En-Route
Las Vegas (LAS) American Airlines AA711 12:06 11:58 En-Route
Ontario (ONT) Mesa Airlines YV5988expand_more(1) 12:06 11:55 En-Route
Ontario (ONT) American Airlines AA5988 12:06 11:55 En-Route
Seattle (SEA) American Airlines AA384 12:08 11:56 En-Route
Portland (PDX) American Airlines AA1402 12:09 11:55 En-Route
San Francisco (SFO) American Airlines AA1868 12:09 12:00 En-Route
Santa Ana (SNA) American Airlines AA486expand_more(1) 12:09 11:56 En-Route
Santa Ana (SNA) Alaska Airlines AS6154 12:09 11:56 En-Route
Palm Springs (PSP) Mesa Airlines YV5759expand_more(1) 12:14 Scheduled
Palm Springs (PSP) American Airlines AA5759 12:14 Scheduled
Grand Canyon (FLG) SkyWest Airlines OO2994expand_more(2) 12:16 Scheduled
Grand Canyon (FLG) Alaska Airlines AS4420 12:16 Scheduled
Grand Canyon (FLG) American Airlines AA2994 12:16 Scheduled
San Diego (SAN) American Airlines AA438expand_more(1) 12:21 12:04 En-Route
San Diego (SAN) Alaska Airlines AS6122 12:21 12:04 En-Route
Richmond (YVR) Omni Air International OY2414expand_more(1) 12:23 13:02 Departed Late
Richmond (YVR) Air Canada AC2414 12:23 13:02 Departed Late
Portland (PDX) Alaska Airlines AS644 12:25 13:05 Departed Late
Tucson (TUS) American Airlines AA1831expand_more(1) 12:25 Scheduled
Tucson (TUS) Alaska Airlines AS4750 12:25 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) American Airlines AA445expand_more(3) 12:26 12:19 En-Route
Los Angeles (LAX) Air Tahiti Nui TN1302 12:26 12:19 En-Route
Los Angeles (LAX) LAN Airlines LA6782 12:26 12:19 En-Route
Los Angeles (LAX) Qantas QF4695 12:26 12:19 En-Route
Fresno (FAT) Mesa Airlines YV5802expand_more(1) 12:28 12:16 En-Route
Fresno (FAT) American Airlines AA5802 12:28 12:16 En-Route
Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines AA474 12:29 12:43 En-Route
Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN4125 12:30 Scheduled
Seattle (SEA) Southwest Airlines WN2641 12:30 12:25 En-Route
Reno (RNO) Mesa Airlines YV5766expand_more(1) 12:31 12:41 En-Route
Reno (RNO) American Airlines AA5766 12:31 12:41 En-Route
Santa Barbara (SBA) American Airlines AA1298 12:33 12:13 En-Route
Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA690 12:40 12:43 En-Route
Los Angeles (LAX) Southwest Airlines WN2761 12:40 Scheduled
San Jose (SJC) American Airlines AA2105expand_more(1) 12:41 12:17 En-Route
San Jose (SJC) Alaska Airlines AS6152 12:41 12:17 En-Route
Calgary (YYC) Jazz Air QK8304expand_more(1) 12:41 13:30 Departed Late
Calgary (YYC) Air Canada AC8304 12:41 13:30 Departed Late
Sacramento (SMF) American Airlines AA1332expand_more(1) 12:44 12:20 En-Route
Sacramento (SMF) Alaska Airlines AS6149 12:44 12:20 En-Route
Calgary (YYC) WestJet WS1402expand_more(1) 12:46 12:53 En-Route
Calgary (YYC) Delta Air Lines DL7653 12:46 12:53 En-Route
Puerto Vallarta (PVR) Volaris Y4364 12:48 12:29 En-Route
San Diego (SAN) Southwest Airlines WN4509 12:50 Scheduled
Salt Lake City (SLC) Delta Air Lines DL1083 12:50 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) American Airlines AA866expand_more(1) 12:51 12:56 En-Route
Chicago (ORD) Japan Airlines JL7318 12:51 12:56 En-Route
Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA725expand_more(1) 12:52 13:29 Departed Late
Chicago (ORD) Air Canada AC5271 12:52 13:29 Departed Late
Oakland (OAK) American Airlines AA742 12:56 12:36 En-Route
Santa Ana (SNA) Southwest Airlines WN3865 13:00 Scheduled
Durango (DRO) Mesa Airlines YV5878expand_more(1) 13:01 Scheduled
Durango (DRO) American Airlines AA5878 13:01 Scheduled
El Paso (ELP) Southwest Airlines WN651 13:05 Scheduled
Yuma (YUM) Mesa Airlines YV5894expand_more(2) 13:14 Scheduled
Yuma (YUM) Alaska Airlines AS6030 13:14 Scheduled
Yuma (YUM) American Airlines AA5894 13:14 Scheduled
Hermosillo (HMO) SkyWest Airlines OO3158expand_more(1) 13:15 Scheduled
Hermosillo (HMO) American Airlines AA3158 13:15 Scheduled
Richmond (YVR) WestJet WS1770expand_more(1) 13:16 13:20 En-Route
Richmond (YVR) Delta Air Lines DL7658 13:16 13:20 En-Route
El Paso (ELP) Mesa Airlines YV5914expand_more(2) 13:19 Scheduled
El Paso (ELP) Alaska Airlines AS4363 13:19 Scheduled
El Paso (ELP) American Airlines AA5914 13:19 Scheduled
Salt Lake City (SLC) Southwest Airlines WN4579 13:20 Scheduled
St Louis (STL) Southwest Airlines WN4043 13:20 13:39 En-Route
Cleveland (CLE) Southwest Airlines WN2611 13:25 14:00 En-Route
Grand Junction (GJT) SkyWest Airlines OO2983expand_more(2) 13:25 Scheduled
Grand Junction (GJT) Alaska Airlines AS4667 13:25 Scheduled
Grand Junction (GJT) American Airlines AA2983 13:25 Scheduled
Seattle (SEA) Alaska Airlines AS928expand_more(1) 13:40 13:22 En-Route
Seattle (SEA) Singapore Airlines SQ1720 13:40 13:22 En-Route
Tucson (TUS) Mesa Airlines YV5890expand_more(2) 13:41 Scheduled
Tucson (TUS) Alaska Airlines AS6084 13:41 Scheduled
Tucson (TUS) American Airlines AA5890 13:41 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Compass Airlines CP5726expand_more(8) 13:42 Delayed
Los Angeles (LAX) Aeromexico AM5545 13:42 Delayed
Los Angeles (LAX) China Airlines CI9150 13:42 Delayed
Los Angeles (LAX) China Southern Airlines CZ1180 13:42 Delayed
Los Angeles (LAX) Delta Air Lines DL5726 13:42 Delayed
Los Angeles (LAX) Korean Air KE7443 13:42 Delayed
Los Angeles (LAX) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS4125 13:42 Delayed
Los Angeles (LAX) Virgin Australia VA6725 13:42 Delayed
Los Angeles (LAX) WestJet WS7834 13:42 Delayed
San Diego (SAN) Southwest Airlines WN446 13:45 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) American Airlines AA2229 13:46 14:09 En-Route
New Orleans (MSY) Southwest Airlines WN3929 13:50 13:39 En-Route
Roswell (ROW) SkyWest Airlines OO2978expand_more(1) 13:50 Scheduled
Roswell (ROW) American Airlines AA2978 13:50 Scheduled
Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA407 13:51 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) American Airlines AA562 13:51 13:50 En-Route
Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines AA1970 13:52 14:02 En-Route
San Francisco (SFO) United Airlines UA1548expand_more(2) 13:53 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) Air Canada AC4542 13:53 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) Air New Zealand NZ9373 13:53 Scheduled
Minneapolis (MSP) Delta Air Lines DL1255expand_more(1) 13:54 13:50 En-Route
Minneapolis (MSP) WestJet WS6462 13:54 13:50 En-Route
London (LHR) American Airlines AA195expand_more(3) 13:55 13:28 En-Route
London (LHR) British Airways BA1526 13:55 13:28 En-Route
London (LHR) Finnair AY4179 13:55 13:28 En-Route
London (LHR) Iberia IB4855 13:55 13:28 En-Route
Saint George (SGU) SkyWest Airlines OO3132expand_more(1) 13:55 Scheduled
Saint George (SGU) American Airlines AA3132 13:55 Scheduled
Albuquerque (ABQ) American Airlines AA1897expand_more(1) 13:58 Scheduled
Albuquerque (ABQ) Alaska Airlines AS4683 13:58 Scheduled
Des Moines (DSM) Frontier Airlines F92839expand_more(1) 13:58 13:58 En-Route
Des Moines (DSM) Volaris Y42114 13:58 13:58 En-Route
Denver (DEN) American Airlines AA482 14:00 Scheduled
Ontario (ONT) Southwest Airlines WN1186 14:00 Scheduled
Palm Springs (PSP) Mesa Airlines YV5742expand_more(1) 14:01 Scheduled
Palm Springs (PSP) American Airlines AA5742 14:01 Scheduled
Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA623 14:03 14:43 En-Route
Atlanta (ATL) American Airlines AA476 14:04 14:03 En-Route
Portland (PDX) Southwest Airlines WN3988 14:05 Scheduled
Cortez (CEZ) Boutique Air 4B773 14:10 Scheduled
Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines WN4302 14:10 Scheduled
Washington (DCA) American Airlines AA1218 14:13 Delayed
Long Beach (LGB) Mesa Airlines YV5736expand_more(2) 14:13 Scheduled
Long Beach (LGB) Alaska Airlines AS4092 14:13 Scheduled
Long Beach (LGB) American Airlines AA5736 14:13 Scheduled
Denver (DEN) Frontier Airlines F9753expand_more(1) 14:14 Scheduled
Denver (DEN) Volaris Y42104 14:14 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Southwest Airlines WN5647 14:15 Scheduled
Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA1859expand_more(1) 14:18 Scheduled
Houston (IAH) Air New Zealand NZ6874 14:18 Scheduled
Burbank (BUR) Southwest Airlines WN4907 14:20 Delayed
Seattle (SEA) Spirit Airlines NK2034 14:20 Delayed
Las Vegas (LAS) American Airlines AA777 14:21 Scheduled
Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN45 14:25 Scheduled
Ontario (ONT) American Airlines AA524 14:29 Scheduled
Bakersfield (BFL) SkyWest Airlines OO2969expand_more(1) 14:32 Delayed
Bakersfield (BFL) American Airlines AA2969 14:32 Delayed
Burbank (BUR) SkyWest Airlines OO2976expand_more(1) 14:34 Scheduled
Burbank (BUR) American Airlines AA2976 14:34 Scheduled
New York (JFK) American Airlines AA2369expand_more(2) 14:35 14:58 En-Route
New York (JFK) Finnair AY4142 14:35 14:58 En-Route
New York (JFK) LAN Airlines LA6129 14:35 14:58 En-Route
Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA2259 14:37 Scheduled
Oklahoma City (OKC) Southwest Airlines WN6690 14:40 Scheduled
San Diego (SAN) Southwest Airlines WN11 14:40 Scheduled
Detroit (DTW) Delta Air Lines DL2666expand_more(1) 14:45 14:45 En-Route
Detroit (DTW) WestJet WS6336 14:45 14:45 En-Route
Dallas (DAL) Southwest Airlines WN5101 14:50 Scheduled
Everett (PAE) Horizon Air QX2802expand_more(1) 14:51 Delayed
Everett (PAE) Alaska Airlines AS2802 14:51 Delayed
San Jose Del Cabo (SJD) American Airlines AA533 14:54 Scheduled
Monterey (MRY) Mesa Airlines YV5757expand_more(1) 14:59 Scheduled
Monterey (MRY) American Airlines AA5757 14:59 Scheduled
Newark (EWR) United Airlines UA897 15:04 15:38 En-Route
Chicago (MDW) Southwest Airlines WN6561 15:05 Scheduled
San Jose (SJC) Southwest Airlines WN6187 15:05 Scheduled
Santa Ana (SNA) American Airlines AA2099expand_more(1) 15:05 Scheduled
Santa Ana (SNA) Alaska Airlines AS6086 15:05 Scheduled
Santa Fe (SAF) Mesa Airlines YV5873expand_more(1) 15:08 Scheduled
Santa Fe (SAF) American Airlines AA5873 15:08 Scheduled
San Diego (SAN) Frontier Airlines F92946expand_more(1) 15:09 Scheduled
San Diego (SAN) Volaris Y42362 15:09 Scheduled
Little Rock (LIT) Southwest Airlines WN3530 15:10 Scheduled
San Diego (SAN) American Airlines AA2671expand_more(3) 15:12 Scheduled
San Diego (SAN) Alaska Airlines AS6510 15:12 Scheduled
San Diego (SAN) British Airways BA6532 15:12 Scheduled
San Diego (SAN) Japan Airlines JL7596 15:12 Scheduled
Seattle (SEA) Delta Air Lines DL1945expand_more(1) 15:15 Scheduled
Seattle (SEA) Korean Air KE3114 15:15 Scheduled
Tucson (TUS) Mesa Airlines YV5916expand_more(2) 15:15 Scheduled
Tucson (TUS) Alaska Airlines AS4328 15:15 Scheduled
Tucson (TUS) American Airlines AA5916 15:15 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) SkyWest Airlines OO5751expand_more(5) 15:16 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Air Canada AC4382 15:16 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Air New Zealand NZ9713 15:16 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) All Nippon Airways NH7272 15:16 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Asiana Airlines OZ6502 15:16 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) United Airlines UA5751 15:16 Scheduled
Fresno (FAT) American Airlines AA865 15:26 Scheduled
Sacramento (SMF) American Airlines AA652expand_more(1) 15:27 Scheduled
Sacramento (SMF) Alaska Airlines AS6199 15:27 Scheduled
Medford (MFR) SkyWest Airlines OO3091expand_more(1) 15:28 Scheduled
Medford (MFR) American Airlines AA3091 15:28 Scheduled
Eugene (EUG) SkyWest Airlines OO3065expand_more(1) 15:29 Scheduled
Eugene (EUG) American Airlines AA3065 15:29 Scheduled
Reno (RNO) American Airlines AA546 15:29 Delayed
Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines WN6372 15:30 Scheduled
Oakland (OAK) American Airlines AA695 15:30 Scheduled
Redmond (RDM) SkyWest Airlines OO3043expand_more(1) 15:30 Scheduled
Redmond (RDM) American Airlines AA3043 15:30 Scheduled
Denver (DEN) United Airlines UA970expand_more(1) 15:31 Scheduled
Denver (DEN) Air Canada AC5151 15:31 Scheduled
Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines AA765expand_more(1) 15:32 15:47 En-Route
Philadelphia (PHL) British Airways BA1794 15:32 15:47 En-Route
Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA475 15:33 15:42 En-Route
San Francisco (SFO) American Airlines AA1880 15:34 Scheduled
Salt Lake City (SLC) American Airlines AA1499expand_more(1) 15:34 Scheduled
Salt Lake City (SLC) Alaska Airlines AS6185 15:34 Scheduled
San Luis Obispo (SBP) SkyWest Airlines OO3015expand_more(1) 15:35 Scheduled
San Luis Obispo (SBP) American Airlines AA3015 15:35 Scheduled
Seattle (SEA) Alaska Airlines AS930expand_more(1) 15:35 Scheduled
Seattle (SEA) Korean Air KE6225 15:35 Scheduled
San Jose (SJC) American Airlines AA2722expand_more(1) 15:35 Scheduled
San Jose (SJC) Alaska Airlines AS6543 15:35 Scheduled
Santa Rosa (STS) Mesa Airlines YV5768expand_more(1) 15:35 Scheduled
Santa Rosa (STS) American Airlines AA5768 15:35 Scheduled
Wichita (ICT) Southwest Airlines WN5180 15:40 Scheduled
Sacramento (SMF) Southwest Airlines WN2873 15:40 Scheduled
Albuquerque (ABQ) Southwest Airlines WN5542 15:45 Scheduled
Salt Lake City (SLC) Southwest Airlines WN3527 15:45 Delayed
Boise (BOI) American Airlines AA2083expand_more(1) 15:46 Scheduled
Boise (BOI) Alaska Airlines AS4764 15:46 Scheduled
Austin (AUS) Southwest Airlines WN3385 15:55 Scheduled
San Diego (SAN) Southwest Airlines WN5283 16:00 Delayed
San Francisco (SFO) United Airlines UA2398expand_more(4) 16:04 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) Air Canada AC4513 16:04 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) Air China CA7333 16:04 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) Air New Zealand NZ9371 16:04 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) All Nippon Airways NH7306 16:04 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) Southwest Airlines WN434 16:05 Scheduled
Nashville (BNA) Southwest Airlines WN3394 16:05 Scheduled
Puerto Vallarta (PVR) American Airlines AA571 16:06 Scheduled
Las Vegas (LAS) Frontier Airlines F92148expand_more(1) 16:09 Scheduled
Las Vegas (LAS) Volaris Y42428 16:09 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL2038 16:10 Scheduled
Omaha (OMA) American Airlines AA613 16:10 Scheduled
Colorado Springs (COS) Frontier Airlines F92825expand_more(1) 16:14 Scheduled
Colorado Springs (COS) Volaris Y42444 16:14 Scheduled
Santa Ana (SNA) Southwest Airlines WN6121 16:15 Scheduled
Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA2256expand_more(1) 16:17 Scheduled
Houston (IAH) Air New Zealand NZ6873 16:17 Scheduled
Albuquerque (ABQ) Mesa Airlines YV5940expand_more(2) 16:20 Scheduled
Albuquerque (ABQ) Alaska Airlines AS4232 16:20 Scheduled
Albuquerque (ABQ) American Airlines AA5940 16:20 Scheduled
Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN4991 16:20 Scheduled
Oakland (OAK) Southwest Airlines WN800 16:20 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) American Airlines AA601expand_more(1) 16:20 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) British Airways BA5748 16:20 Scheduled
Baltimore (BWI) Southwest Airlines WN4203 16:25 Delayed
Dallas (DAL) Southwest Airlines WN2684 16:25 Scheduled
Mazatlan (MZT) SkyWest Airlines OO3014expand_more(1) 16:29 Scheduled
Mazatlan (MZT) American Airlines AA3014 16:29 Scheduled
Orlando (MCO) American Airlines AA1995 16:33 Scheduled
Houston (IAH) Mesa Airlines YV5824expand_more(1) 16:35 Scheduled
Houston (IAH) American Airlines AA5824 16:35 Scheduled
Durango (DRO) Mesa Airlines YV5905expand_more(1) 16:38 Scheduled
Durango (DRO) American Airlines AA5905 16:38 Scheduled
Newark (EWR) American Airlines AA1333 16:40 17:04 En-Route
Des Moines (DSM) American Airlines AA1959 16:41 Scheduled
Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA2014expand_more(1) 16:44 Scheduled
Dallas (DFW) Qantas QF3071 16:44 Scheduled
Denver (DEN) Southwest Airlines WN2826 16:45 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Compass Airlines CP5777expand_more(8) 16:45 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Aeromexico AM3960 16:45 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) China Airlines CI9872 16:45 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) China Eastern Airlines MU6900 16:45 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Delta Air Lines DL5777 16:45 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) KLM KL7624 16:45 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS4129 16:45 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Virgin Australia VA6555 16:45 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) WestJet WS7010 16:45 Scheduled
San Jose Del Cabo (SJD) American Airlines AA535 16:45 Scheduled
Austin (AUS) American Airlines AA493 16:48 Scheduled
Denver (DEN) American Airlines AA2065 16:54 Scheduled
Minneapolis (MSP) Delta Air Lines DL1038expand_more(3) 16:54 Scheduled
Minneapolis (MSP) Air France AF2400 16:54 Scheduled
Minneapolis (MSP) KLM KL6464 16:54 Scheduled
Minneapolis (MSP) WestJet WS7350 16:54 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA373expand_more(2) 16:58 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) Air Canada AC5229 16:58 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) SAS SK3908 16:58 Scheduled
El Paso (ELP) Mesa Airlines YV5754expand_more(2) 17:00 Scheduled
El Paso (ELP) Alaska Airlines AS4642 17:00 Scheduled
El Paso (ELP) American Airlines AA5754 17:00 Scheduled

Phoenix Sky Harbour Airport arrivals will find themselves in one of three terminals, namely Terminal 2, Terminal 3 and Terminal 4.

Passengers with onward connections should check their airline ticket to make sure, their onward flight connection isn’t with another airline as this may involve changing terminals. There is a convenient shuttle bus that links all the terminals, but it is very much a time issue, as connecting flights from another terminal mean that passengers may have to reclaim their luggage first and then re-check it again at the new terminal.

Arrivals at Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport have a great choice of onward travel by air and by land. Domestic airlines such as American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and US Airways provide coverage of most of the United States. International carriers such as British Airways offer inter-continental flight connections while Air Canada, Aeromexico and Alaska Airlines for example cover the remaining Americas.

It is possible to page a passenger at Phoenix Airport by calling (602) 273 3455 and arrivals at Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport should listen out for these verbal announcements or check the display screens in the arrivals zones, if they are expecting to be paged by friends, colleagues or relatives.

Phoenix Airport is often referred to as America’s friendliest airport and for passengers with serious problems there is even a Travellers Aid service located in the Airport Chapel in Terminal 4 on Level 3. For less life affecting matters there are the Lost and Found desk, the Information desk and various ways in which airport staff and flight attendants can help passengers with special needs for example. Phoenix Airport arrivals with special needs requiring a wheelchair upon arrival should request this at check-in, so that a wheelchair with attendant will be waiting upon arrival at Phoenix Sky Harbour Airport.

All terminals offer free Wi-Fi to passengers on both sides of the security sections, in the retail areas and in restaurants as well as near the gates. Arrivals at Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport can connect automatically via their laptops and mobile devices that are configured to operate in a wireless mode. It is particularly useful for last minute car hire requirements, as it beats the queues and ensures passengers get the type of rental car they wish to rent for their stay in Arizona.

All terminals have bars, cafes and restaurant facilities and there are various retail areas, too, where last minute presents can be purchased or everyday items required for the holiday. For family arrivals at Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport who are waiting for connecting flights, there are children’s play areas at Terminal 2 near Gate 9, Terminal 3 at the very end of the south concourse between Gates 7 and 8 as well as at the end of the north concourse close to Gate 24. At Terminal 4 the children’s play area is close to the International Gates by Gate B19.

Onward travel within the State of Arizona is provided via taxis, limousines and a light rail connection into the city of Phoenix, various city bus lines and dial-a-ride buses. Some of the central Phoenix hotels also provide their own complimentary shuttle bus services.

The airport shuttle bus also provides a connection to the Rental Car Centre, where a large number of well known car rental suppliers have their car hire desks.

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